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BeQuiet! Pure Wings 2 120MM Fan, Rifle Bearing, Black, Silent Cooling, 19.2 dB Operating Noise Levels, Recommended For Water Cooling And Air Cooling, Three Year Warranty

Brand - Be Quiet

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Rotation speed: max. 1500 rpm Computer case fan 3-pin fan connection 1500rpm and 12V

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Amazon Customer Review

Purchased to 'upgrade' the 120mm stock fans in several PC cases including Corsair; Fractal Design; and NZXT examples.

These fans are very affordable but they're not nearly as effective as the marketing claims them to be. The sound level is very dependant on fan speed, and altering the fan curve slightly can turn a minor annoyance into a major problem. The noise level can quickly rise from tolerable to intrusive, and you feel forced to reduce the fan speed to help limit this. Mounting the fans using silicone pins instead of screws doesn't seem to produce any improvement either.

These fans don't have the typical square frame that's usually found on case fans, and this may contribute to the increase in noise. Perhaps a more substantial frame would improve the performance.

I returned the Bequiet! fans and opted for Fractal Design Dynamic X2 GP-14 and Noctua NF-P14S Redux models instead.

Mar 17, 2020

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Amazon Customer Review

Well I bought these two to finish the new cases airflow and have 2x 140mm at the top, these were the cheapest highest performing fan I could fjnd and they were from a top company too.

Even at 40% fan speed they're kicking out a great deal of air, so they are a no brainer, I'll be highly recommending these fans unless their price goes higher up.

But for half the price (if not more) than the Noctua's I have they're insane.

Feb 08, 2020

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Amazon Customer Review

I have a Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ATX Tempered Glass pc case(AWESOME looking case) which came with 3 140mm Phanteks fans(2 for the front, 1 for the rear), which i have now owned for 3 years. But one of the front fans has begun to make a sort of "pulsing" noise(which does get on your nerves) so it was time for a upfront change!.

So i went for these Bequiet ones.

With the Amazon free delivery(over £20 thing) they were delivered with in 3 days all away from Schkeuditz, Sachsen Germany!

The installation of the fans was very easy, but i couldn't use supplied pins/screws as my case wouldn't allow, so i just used the long screws that were holding the Phanteks fans with the Bequit hard plastic mountings(which have rubber tube bits inside the screw holes so they also help with any vibration!)

The wires were the right length for me to root them to the back of the case where there is a PWM Hub block that has a 4 Pin connection going to the MB and a SATA 12v input for power and 6, 3 pin fan connectors.

I had my PC built from Chillblast(seen in the pic) so me installing a SSD and changing fans etc etc, was all new to me. But IMO not really hard to work out when doing it yourself!

Anyway after everything was done and powering on the PC it was a surprise to me that these fans were going like mad with ALOT of noise ?. After looking at the MB fan speed via the Corsair Link program(thats for my H100i V2 water cooler) they were going at a constant 1200 rpm ?. So off to the ROG BIOS to have a play around in there to see whats what. I found that the Q-fan setting were set on DC, which explains the constant speed(must of been set like that when i had the PC made and i didn't know what i know now). IMO what is the point of that kind of speed when at idle or just browsing the net!. Anyway i discovered that i could change the setting from DC to PWN that instantly brought the speed down to around 940 rpm with a instant silence!. Plus at idle or browsing ALL the temps stayed low!. All that happens now is when there is more load on the system(i.e gets hotter) the fans speed up to aid for more cooling, which works great. I started up COD MW to test it out and everything worked great

So now after changing the front fans i DO NOT hear that "pulsing" sound and everything is nice and cool

5 stars(for the fans and for the Amazon delivery service)

Feb 01, 2020

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Amazon Customer Review

This fan is actually really loud, Louder than the AMD stock cooler and the cheap included fan that came with my case.

It has a constant growling sound that I'm guessing is the blades clipping the frame of the fan.

I'd assume due to bad tolerances.

This is my first be quiet product and most likely my last.

(this review used to be 4 stars but the fan has gradually got louder to the point where I can't even sleep next to it, it's set to 30% speed)

Dec 26, 2019

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Amazon Customer Review

Installed some of these into a BSD server that runs in a front office/guest room to keep it quiet and I haven't been disappointed. I didn't want to spend big bucks for all-around Noctua (the server does have some smaller Noctuas in it also) for primary case airflow and thought I' give these a go. They are virtually on par with 120 mm Noctuas in my opinion, especially for this application. Very pleased with them.

You can barely hear the server and I have the fans set to minimum 45% speed at all times.

Nov 11, 2019

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Amazon Customer Review

First off, Im using the Asus X470 F Gaming Motherboard along with the AMD Ryzen 3700X and the NZXT 630 Phantom case "Because I Love It" and so the is plenty of cooling in this case and also a good few PVM FAN HEADERS on the board.

Im using the Be Quite Silent Wings 3 PWM 140mm Fan and straight away I noticed a difference in noise when I installed it "which was very easy". The CPU was reading a temp of roughly 30c at idle then I went into the ROG Bios and optimized all the fans and to be fair I had never done this before and the Cpu Temp went down to 25c which was showing on the ICUE software as Im also using the Corsair Hydro 115i Platinum.
Now there is a vast difference from the noise levels to what it was, to what it is now.
The new Be Quite fan is first class and now to be fair the old Cooler Master 140mm fan did last at least 10 years and probably was on its way out but compared to the Corsair 140mm fans that on the AIO, I would say by the sound that the Be Quit 140s are defo quieter and I would be looking to swap those out in the near future although the RGB of the Corsair 140s are nice. I can see Be Quite making RGB fans in the future if they dont already but I just wanted a plain black fan for the back of the case.

Oct 02, 2019

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