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EK CoolStream SE 240 Slim Series Dual 120mm Fan Water Cooling Radiator

Brand - EK Water Blocks

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Construction: Copper fins. 90% copper tubing (H90). Brass chambers. Aluminum/Steel housing.

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Amazon Customer Review

not fitted it yet will update when full custom loop is up and running

Jan 10, 2018

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Amazon Customer Review

I had on a prior occasion purchased EK's PE radiator in the 360mm variant for another build. I quiet loved the clean aesthetics to the radiator which fit my build perfect with the almost powder coated finish rather then glossy finish on many others.

Needless to say for a small HTPC project I started this was the go to radiator. Now it is on the thinner side so keep in mind you choice component. My build is a R9 Nano and 4690k and while more radiator would be idle, this radiator does a surprisingly good job when paired with a pair of EK's Vardar F4-120ER fans. Having said that, I would case support provided opt for more rad capacity.

The radiator comes with a complement of 8 long screws and 8 shorter screws so enable you to fasten standard 25 mm fans such as the vardar no issue. Additional feature is there are extensions into where your fittings go by default, but these can be removed and allow you to use any standard 1/4" fittings.

In all a nice polished radiator that does a reasonably good job. Aesthetically it looks great.

Mar 04, 2016

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