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Focal PS165F3 Flax Cone 3-way component Speaker kit

Brand - Focal

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High power handling Very low deep bass Compact midrange Detailed sound stage Unique and patented FLAX cone (N°1350116) A new sound for a new 100% Focal signature Woofer diameter: 61/2" (165mm) Midrange diameter: 3" (80mm) Woofer depth: 3 1/16" (77mm) Midrange depth: 1 5/16" (33,5mm) Woofer magnet: 3 9/6" (90mm) Separate crossover: 12-18dB/Oct Ajustable Tweeter level: 0;-3dB/Oct Ajustable Medium: HI-MID/Flat Max. power: 160W Nom. power: 80W

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these three ways are great, i had to custom fit these and fabricate the pillars of Honda 2016, but man the clarity and the base these things have are worth every penny. i would recommend.

Jul 13, 2017

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