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ieGeek Wireless Security Camera outdoor with Rechargeable Battery, 1080P 2.4G Wi-Fi Surveillance CCTV Camera with Waterproof, PIR Motion Detection,Night Vision,2-Way Audio, Cloud&Micro SD Card Storage

Brand - ieGeek

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100% WIRE-FREE: This outdoor security camera is built in rechargeable battery, and you can stick it on the wall directly, you don't need to drill a big hole for it anymore. It allows you to place it indoors and outdoors without worrying about annoying wires. RECHARGEABLE & LOW BATTERY NOTIFICATIONS: This security camera is built in 18650 6700mAh rechargeable battery(special for electric cars) which lasts up to 2 - 6 months (when triggered within 10 times/day) after fully charged. It automatically notifies you when battery capacity reaches 20%. UPGRADED MOTION DETECTION: This outdoor security camera (ONLY WORK WITH ‘CloudEdge’ APP) can choose PIR detection only which can reduce false alerts, no more false alarms caused by raining, snowing or flying insects. PIR sensor detects mammals of about 37°C/98.6°F and sends alerts to your phone timely. HIGH-DEFINITION IMAGES: ieGeek security camera uses the best chip for stability and clarity of image and video, it is real 2MP 1080P resolution, refuses any exposed image. The night time viewing distance up to 82ft/25m, ensure excellent vision. EASY INSTALLATION: 3 easy ways to install: 1) Stick onto the magnetic ball mount with double-sided adhesive (make sure the surfaces clean and flat), 2) Screw onto the outdoor mount with screw sets, 3) Stick on metallic surfaces. The camera is IP65 Waterproof.

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Amazon Customer Review

So easy to use... you don't even need to still holes in walls etc .. the App too a little understanding at first .. as the camera will not connect to 5ghz Wi-Fi signal.. I.e everyone that's made today.
You'll need to spit the signal on your Home hub... 2.4ghz & 5ghz..
Apart from that.. it's quick and easy to use.

Mar 19, 2020

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Amazon Customer Review

Great product so far easy to put together and download app. Easy to set up and will await battery life.So far its worked very well and the magnetic mount is great. The motion is difficult to get right but working on it. No issues as yet will see how it goes after a month and review if necessary thanks

Mar 17, 2020

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Amazon Customer Review

Good unit, camera HD images are good quality day and night. A solid built camera, good metal mount not plastic. WiFi good, I use seemless mesh WiFi with extender, TP Link Deco units which helps when router is at the other end of the house. Easy to unit to set up. Video play back is good. I use 128g SD cards for playback through cloud Edge app. Battery life seems OK, not had to recharge the units yet but not an issue either way. I may add a mini solar panel to trickle charge the units. Cloud app easy to use and monitor your cameras from anywhere, some good features & settings in app such as motion detection settings/times. Speak and volume can be heard but could be improved. A good camera for the price. I will purchase my third soon.

Mar 16, 2020

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Amazon Customer Review

Had the camera up and running for a few days now.

Good points....

Very good and clear daytime picture quality when set in HD

Motion detection doesn't seem to go off for no reason (like high winds, or moving bratches) even on high sensitivity.

Good build quality, feels like a quality product

Battery life I would say is going be adequate after 4 days its dropped to about 90% and that's with me playing around with it and viewing it a lot as it's a novelty at the moment so I would expect the battery to last longer once I've had a little while and the kids stop waving at it every 5 minutes.

Sound and microphone very good and clear

Alerts to phone are quick with 5 seconds or so.

My wifi signal is only about 50% according to app at best, but rarely loses connection only happened twice.

130 degree wide angle is good, wouldn't want it any less. Just about covers my 4 m wide front garden.

Easy to set up

Delivery very fast

Iegeek quick to reply to Emails, they give you a free micro Sd card if you Email them..

App is...ok easy to use, it's not horrendous but it could be better, but it seems to have regular updates, already had 2 in the 5 days I've had the app

Bad points.....

Night vision quality good but faces of people are just white and can't make out who it is.

Alert Video play back can (say 3 put of 10 times) Glitchy and jumps or freezes.

My front gate is 3 meters from front door, video alert will take 2 pictures which is actually very good and catch say the postman as he opens my front gate however video alert play back of the same time often only catch the postmans back as he's walking away back towards gate, doesn't catch him at the gate walking towards my front door.

Unable to block out motion detection zones on certain parts of video which is a bit annoying as it keeps catching the feet of my neighbours across the way as they walk out of the house (but can't catch the postman)

Vertical angle could be a little better, I can either have it catching front door (but misses front gate so only gets body and not head of the person until they have entered front garden) or have it pointing at the front gate but blind spot is about 1 meter from front door so could stand close to front door and not been seen. (Personal reference is I have it set up pointing at front gate)

2 days after purchasing the product it was on amazon £12 cheaper.

Over all this is a good product, and I'm happy with it considering the price, I might move the location on the camera at some point which may sort out some of my minor issues.

Mar 13, 2020

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Amazon Customer Review

This is like lots of other wifi cameras available, but the big difference is that it runs on rechargeable batteries so is perfect for locations where there is no power available.

The camera was very easy to setup in the suggested CloudEdge app, which can be setup to send motion detection alerts along with 2 pictures, or you can switch this off so it will only record when you want to view live footage which will make the battery last even longer.
You can also set time periods for the motion detection if you wanted to disable this during the night for example.

The picture quality is good and it automatically switched into night vision when it gets dark, or you can switch this permanently on or off if you prefer.

The camera can record to a micro SD card so you can easily watch back footage around the time of each motion detection event. I believe there is also a cloud service that you can sign up for so the footage can be uploaded for safe keeping, there is a 7 day free trial although I haven't tried that yet.

The app also shows the battery level and will send you an alert when this drops to 20%. To recharge you just bring the camera indoors and connect to a charger with a micro usb cable e.g. a phone charger.
I'm impressed with the battery life so far, although ultimately the length of time between charging will depend on how often you access the camera for viewing live or recorded footage and how many motion alerts there are that trigger recording.

There is also an intercom function in the app so you can speak to someone via the camera.

I've got it setup in my chicken run at the moment to test it out, but I think it would be perfect for inside a chicken coop where getting access to power could be an issue.
I think it would also work well to watch the house front door, or to keep an eye on a garage or driveway. As long as there's a wifi signal available it could go almost anywhere.

In summary this is a great camera, easy to use and with many potential uses.

Mar 11, 2020

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Amazon Customer Review

Early days... just installed. Charged the battery to full before switching off and packing away for 5 days before having the chance to fit, which I've done today. However, battery had lost a bar at the point of instal and now has lost another bar, after just a few hours! Am getting concerned it's not going to last the night!! Location means not a lot of activity, so it's not triggering constantly. Watching live it picks up a lot of wind noise, but that's no big issue.

Will report further in a few days..

Update: 22.3.20
So a few weeks in and have to say, not overly impressed.

- numerous ‘false' triggers.
- misses ‘clear' opportunities to trigger. It completely missed one morning when my wife went to work - walked to the car, got in, drove off - nothing! Didn't pick that up!
- battery life nowhere near as accurate as indicated. Already had to charge once (after a couple of weeks) and mid-way through next charge. Supposed to last 4-6 months between charge - how??
- picture quality is not great - ok, but not great.

All in all, I would not buy again. Frustrating, as so many people left great reviews so wonder if its a faulty unit or whether the internet affects it?

Mar 07, 2020

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