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JBL FLIP 5 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker - Black

Brand - JBL

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Amazon Customer Review

It's a bloody pencil case that's somehow magically a pseduo-surround music system thing.

It's not deafen yourself loud but you'll have to raise your voice to be heard over it when it's up full. The volume control from our iPhones is mirrored/paired with the volume control on the speaker so there's only one volume to adjust and you can do it from the phone or the speaker, same as next/previous track.

The bass from it is frankly unbelievable and the sound doesn't go "Off-axis" as you move around the room, it just sounds amazing wherever you are. Our room is big with lots of fabric and furniture so in a room with lots of hardwood flooring and hard surfaces this would feel even louder still.
We've tried it outside and considering there isn't any ceiling or walls it's mildly frightening how loud it is sat on the grass in the park. You have to keep looking at it to remind yourself it's only *that* big!

It comes in a high impact foam case which we didn't realise when we bought it but it's really well made and will be invaluable to protect it when we take it out. A really nice bonus to find in the box.

JBL quality is just as it always is with this and once you find the correct EQ setting on your device for what you prefer or your music style choice, it just sounds amazing.

Not the cheapest and it reminds you of that every time you use it.
Worth every penny.

Try Pink Floyd first!

Mar 20, 2020

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