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LG 55UM7100PLB 55 Inch UHD 4K HDR Smart LED TV with Freeview Play - Ceramic Black (2019 Model) Amazon exclusive, with Alexa built-in

Brand - LG Electronics

Average rating 3.13

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Ultra HD 4K resolution is four times that of full HD producing brilliant clarity and vivid details that amaze, even when viewed up close With active HDR adapting scene by scene to deliver image mastering with pinpoint picture reproduction, LG TVs can offer the ideal picture visuals no matter what the format This sound technology creates seven virtual channels which produce the multi channel ultra surround effect and your senses are surrounded by outstanding audio from all angles Alexa built-in; find information and control smart home devices by speaking into your LG Magic remote (purchased separately) or use your Amazon Alexa devices (purchased separately) to control your TV with a simple voice command Alexa available via update mid 2019)" To support the picture processing required for bright, sharp images there are four cores of processing power available for a fast and powerful brain to make sure have the best possible picture LG magic remote (purchased separately) or use Amazon Alexa devices (purchased separately) to control TV with a simple voice command Alexa available via update mid 2019 HDMI Ports:3 Alexa built-in devices let you instantly connect to Alexa to play music, control your smart home, get information, news, weather, and more using just your voice.

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Amazon Customer Review

I purchased this in the amazon sale for £399 because it seemed alright and the reviews were fair at the time.

When it arrived I was shocked at how flimsy the plastic legs were, and that they were placed right on the edge of the screen. In order to hold this tv you need a tv unit that is at least 45" wide. Most are only around 42" ish.
The whole thing wobbles with the slightest tap because the legs are not adequate to support the weight of the tv. (In fact, when dismantling to return one of the legs snapped in half!) How much would it have cost to have cast the legs out of metal instead, an extra 50p? £1.00? Evidently not worth it for LG.

I noticed there were branding and warranty stickers on all four corners of the tv. Upon removing them it was clear to see why- the vignette on the corners was shockingly strong. It was as if there was no backlight all around the edges, there was also some backlight bleed near the bottom left, and I spotted another review who had the same issue in the exact same place.

Upon tuning it in, the picture was appauling, it looked like a 360p youtube video, and was extremely dark and dull, like an overcast day. There was no vibrancy or contrast and no brilliant whites or anything. Even a (what should have been) vibrant, bright and colourful gardening show looked dull and muddy.

Everything seemed to look less than mediocre quality and stretched out and it also appeared to be skipping frames.
No amount of altering the settings, mode, brightness or contrast improved it. Some just gave it a yellow or blue tint.

The quality of the screen was bad, build quality was really bad, if you touched the screen you felt it wobble in position, and could see the backlight change.

I was also irritated by the amount of menus and set up required in order to go through (largely unskippable) before you could tune it in to see the quality of the picture. I also have read that you need to purchase a separate remote to make the most of it, an advertising flyer for it was included with the tv. As far as I'm concerned if I am spending that amount on a TV I expect it to have a decent remote with it already, and not to have to go out and buy it separately.

I would strongly advise against purchasing this tv. I have never been fussy with tvs, but the quality of this is unacceptable for the price. I would not be paying more than £200 for something with such poor build quality, and even then I'd pick something else given the choice.

I'm sure there is much better out there for the money, have a hunt and get something better.

Sep 10, 2019

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Amazon Customer Review

I ordered this TV on the 6th April to arrive in time for the Champions League games midweek being a huge sports fan and for the new season of Game Of Thrones. Annoyingly the delivery was a day late! I had planned to receive and set up the TV on the Monday to invite friends over for the Tuesday & Wednesday fixtures. Setting this up on Tuesday evening I had to cancel the plans and ultimately missed the matches because i was setting this thing up.

Once unpacked and through set up I noticed the TV screen inside the frame was bulging on the right side. Through the bright colours of the screen set up it wasn't visible until a clear black screen was present. There was a huge bubble effect, looking like the screen had been pushed out of place. Gutted!

However after having this TV for a day or so i have tried to use it and pretend the product wasn't broken. For the TV itself i have to be completely honest and say the picture quality is amazing! I have tested this using 4k content on Amazon Video using the remote feature and also watched some content briefly on Netflix. The remote feels lightweight and quite poor in terms of quality but for the price you can't complain with the build quality. The functionality of the remote is excellent given the two quick buttons to Netflix and Amazon Video.

I also tested this using the Xbox One, playing games such as RDR 2, Apex Legends, Fifa 19 and Borderlands 2. In game mode, and with the sound on game the TV is excellent. It feels punchy, bright, and feels like their is next to no input lag what so ever when playing online. For the quality of TV you are getting at this price it seems excellent!

Apr 14, 2019

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Amazon Customer Review

This is absolutely a budget 4k TV. In that context it excels pretty well overall. The issue I had with it is the hardware problems. Looking around online I was not alone in discovering that some of my HDMI sockets would randomly stop working. The fix was to power off the set WITH THE POWER CORD OUT for an extended period of time. The running theory is that static is interfering with the encryption handshake on the HMDI causing it to return "no signal". So periodically I would just lose access to the TV for 20 minutes or more.

And good luck if you're wallmounted because you'll need to take the thing back off to get to the power cable. Ultimately I've decided to save up for a premium model.

Feb 06, 2019

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Amazon Customer Review

Firstly, like many of the one star reviews, the first delivered TV had a smashed screen. Fortunately, the replacement was not smashed... So OK in the end, but caused a bit of stress and annoyance, so worth mentioning. Clearly something wrong with the way these teles are packaged/stored (could use more polystyrene in the box IMO), so buyer beware, and the main reason this isn't a five star review.

Anyway, to the actually TV. It's a good 'un. Always gone for LG screens, as I feel they tend to offer good value for money, and this one I am mostly happy with.

I was a bit sceptical about 4K and HDR, but after much deliberation I finally decided to take the plunge and I must say you really can see the difference it makes. Colours really pop, and the increased pixel density really adds extra detail and dimension to watching movies and playing video games. Even not fully UHD look better due to the inbuilt up-scaling the TV has.

The TV comes with lots of options and features for picture and sound (clear voice, game mode, vivid, cinema mode etc). It also comes with its own operating system called WebOS. It's sufficient for what I want to use it for, which is mainly Netflix, Prime Video, NowTV, YouTube, streaming media from my PC (via Smart Share), and playing games via Steam Link (unfortunately the Steam Link app is not on WebOS, so had to do this via buying and connecting the physical console). It can be a bit finicky, and I would prefer an Android OS, but it does the job. I don't use Freeview or Freesat so can't comment on that, but it would be nice if there was an option to switch off the "not programmed" message for those who are not interested in that.

Build quality is OK. Personally I think it looks rather nice, but it does have a bit of a delicate feel to it. The feet especially could use being a bit more substantial, so I've had to secure it to the back of my TV cabinet with safety straps, which does the job I suppose, but would wall mount it if you can.

Magic remote seems a bit of a gimmick. Not something I'm gonna waste money on. Should just come with the TV anyway IMO. If I wanted voice control I could just do it via Google Assist and my phone, but like I say, not interested in that kinda thing.

Anyway, the TV does what I want it to do and does it well, it has a few flaws, packaging and build quality is a particular issue LG might want to think about addressing, but overall I'm definitely happy with it and it offers excellent value for money IMO.

Jan 17, 2019

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Amazon Customer Review

Omg this TV is amazing I got 55 inch and its huge it didn't even fit on my table so had to put it on the floor for now

Blacks are really dark and colours are bright and vibrant the screen is 60hz and runs super smooth it has a few modes like gaming or cinema but you can change it to your preference the pictures I took are not what the TV is like it's better and for only £450 it's amazing I would recommend this (if it came perfect out the box )

Also alot of reviews had said there's came smashed or damaged but mine is fine so far if something changes I will update

Update: after a few months the backlight has bled through I'm going to see if I can contact LG, it's not major but is noticeable and annoying in dark scenes

Update 2: I have emailed LG twice and they tell me to send a photo proof but don't explain how I'm a little upset now and feel helpless because I'm trying to send a photo but don't know how and the TV is making me more and more angry seeing a white gray area in dark scenes

Last update: I finally got them to look into it and get help but they said it is a natural thing that happened when the TV frame gets hot and cools down, this is a absolute joke no where on the Amazon page does it say "this TV comes with a natural defect" so now I just have to keep it like this and get annoyed every time I watch Netflix. You can even look on the images I have provided and I had a dark scene that was perfect when I first bought it and the latest pictures of the bleed

Jan 03, 2019

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Amazon Customer Review

So firstly, I'm 21 and I'm well into tech. I'm very capable of navigating any interface and generally get along well with any bit of technology. And let me tell you, I found this TV to be extremely aggravating to use. The setup wasn't complicated or anything, it was just extremely slow. This is 2019 now LG, I should be able to double press a letter and expect two letters to be registered. For example, if I were to use the on screen keyboard to write the word "letter" it would just process "leter" because it couldn't keep up with a double press of the letter 'T'. You almost have to wait a moment after pressing anything so that the TV can react. This became even more frustrating with the backspace/delete key... If i wanted to delete my password for example, I would generally just spam the delete button or hold it down, and expect it to be deleted... BUT NO. This TV can't process that, you hold down the delete button and it deletes one character, no matter how long you hold it for. You can spam that backspace 1000 times but it'll still only process one click every second or so... and it may be fine if you're a bit slower with typing on screen or something, but for me, it was so frustrating. Any TV should definitely be able to keep up with me if a 20 year old Nokia can.

And then, aside from the incredibly slow LG operating system and general usage, my TV came with backlight bleed, only ever so slightly - I'll admit. But this bugs me, why would anyone want a TV where the attitude is like "that'll do". I want my TV to be perfect out of the box, and backlight bleed isn't perfect. I spotted it straight away, and I couldn't stop seeing it after. (Sorry for the rubbish pics, but you can see the weird light coming from the edge of the TV)

I gave the TV a try, I streamed Planet Earth 2 in 4K, and it was actually very pleasant. The colours were nice and bright, the image nice and sharp, and the sound was pretty decent, but again... in the dark scenes I could see the backlight bleed, and the blacks are pretty grey (but this is also not really a big issue).

I gave the Alexa integration a go. Downloaded the Alexa skill and tried it... The app was rated 1 star so that was a bit of a red flag from the get-go. But yeah, it deserves 1 star. It doesn't have many features at all, it might aswell not exist.

The legs themselves, I see a lot of people complain about, but they're really not THAT flimsy. They hold up fine, I didn't notice the screen 'leaning forward' or anything like other reviews, but that's just my experience. They're OK, they support the TV and they hold up fine, and they weren't too big, which is good.

Unfortunately I did return the TV. It definitely doesn't suit me. There were a lot of features which got me excited when I bought it, It's my first 4k TV, Alexa integration sounded awesome, the low input lag would've been good for when I occasionally use my PS4 gaming, but it just wasn't enough. I was overall disappointed with my purchase. The backlight bleed, the aggravatingly slow OS, the lack of real Alexa integration just really killed it, it didn't feel like a TV that stood out from the rest.

In summary, the TV is OK. It get's the job done, if you have lots of patience and don't really care about Alexa controlling your TV then it would be more suited to you. It's really nothing special. Hope I helped.

Jan 03, 2019

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