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LG 55UM7510PLA 55-Inch UHD 4K HDR Smart LED TV with Freeview Play - Ceramic Black colour (2019 Model) with Alexa built-in

Brand - LG Electronics

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Ultra HD 4K resolution is four times that of full HD producing brilliant clarity and vivid details that amaze, even when viewed up close With active HDR adapting scene by scene to deliver image Mastering with pinpoint picture reproduction, LG TVs can offer the best picture visuals no matter what the format This sound technology creates seven virtual channels which produce the multi channel Ultra Surround effect and your senses are surrounded by outstanding audio from all angles Lexa built-in; find information and control smart home devices by speaking into your LG Magic remote or use your ALEXA devices (purchased separately) to control your TV with a simple voice command To support the advanced picture processing required for bright, sharp images there are 4 cores of processing power available for a fast and powerful brain to make sure you have the best possible picture Alexa built-in devices let you instantly connect to Alexa to play music, control your smart home, get information, news, weather, and more using just your voice.

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Amazon Customer Review

This was a replacement for a ten year old model, so of course it is a massive improvement. But I also did comparisons in a local store (and would have purchased there, except they raised the price right before I was ready to buy!). We need wide viewing angles because the TV is in the corner, which meant I was really just comparing the LG options to some OLED models. I think the OLED panels looked better, but the cost difference made no sense. So this was, by far, the best option in the price range. I went with this model over a slightly cheaper one (apparently most of the models in this range have the same screen, so it is software and accessories that differentiate them) because of the upgraded remote.

The picture quality is generally very good, and shockingly better than my old TV. But there is a lack of contrast in dark scenes that can be annoying, and the screen suffers from really bad reflections that didn't cause an issue with the old TV. The sound quality is generally very good and a big step up from what we had previously, but it is not perfect. The remove is okay, but the TV is very slow to respond and I don't find the pointer to be all that useful (and I have no interest in using the microphone to talk to the TV, especially given the terms of the agreement
for allowing the voice recording). So if it is much cheaper at the time, I would probably go with the model that has the old fashioned remote and save the money (since the TV is the same - but with different feet, which did not matter to use since the TV is wall mounted)

Apr 03, 2020

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Amazon Customer Review

I only got this TV yesterday so I'm still playing around with it & discovering it's features.
What can I say? It's a £699 TV for around £400!!
Picture quality is excellent once you edit the settings yourself. It comes from the factory set to Eco mode so everything was a bit dull.
I've set mine to Vivid and taken a little brightness out but you'll find your own taste.

The sound is surprisingly good and I might not bother getting a soundbar (my old one is a soundbase and a little too tall to sit under this TV). You certainly won't need a cheap one. I can only see a high end one making a difference unless you insist on surround sound.

Amazon make a big deal about Alexa being built in. Honestly in this application she's useless!!
Apple HomeKit, however, works much better. Currently streaming Apple Music through Airdrop as it wasn't supported through Alexa.
Dr Venkman was right. Don't cross the streams!!

Feb 09, 2020

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Amazon Customer Review

This really is a fantastic TV for the price-point. This is about as high-quality as you can get before you start having to look at OLED panels, which usually cost 4x as much as this TV does, not to mention that not everyone wants/needs a 60+" TV in their bedroom or living room.

43" with 4K, smart TV functionality, a decent amount of rear ports (HDMI 1.9(possibly 2.0), Optical, USB) and a decent aesthetic, I really cannot find fault with this TV at all, especially for the price I paid for it (around £400).

Jan 17, 2020

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Amazon Customer Review

All of the other TVs inside our house are LG but the picture quality on this model of TV was gererally very poor with poor definition so it went back. - Good riddence.

The room for this TV only has an aerial point, therefore, it needed a TV with a good tuner and it may have been a tuner issue or a generally defective TV issue but either way the picture quality was poor with this TV and it was excellent with the Sony TV that we bought instead of it.

Since both of these TVs used the same TV aerial point the poor picture qualty on this LG TV was obviously due to this LG TV.

Jan 02, 2020

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Amazon Customer Review

Is early days but so far suitably impressed.

I'd made do with a 13 year old 40" 1080p Samsung LCD TV for a long time, had wanted a new TV and decided like most people I wanted a decent 50 to 55" 4K TV but didn't want to spend silly money on one (I set a budget of £500 max).

After alot of indecision of whether to go for this or the Samsung RU7400 I bit the bullet and went for this and so far very happy that I did.

I'm no AV expert but to me the screen looks great, I know there is alot of shade thrown towards IPS panels but I dont personally see what all the fuss is about. Looks perfectly good and bonus is the viewing angles are great.

WebOS is excellent, the magic remote isn't just a gimmick and impressed with all the ThinQ AI and Google Assistant support not that I really use it.

The thing is a tiny bit on the chunky side (as most backlit LEDs are) but is a very good looking set and looks far more expensive than its sub £500 price. Sound is OK but I use a Samsung soundbar with it (which works perfectly over HDMI ARC) so not something that bothers me greatly anyway.

Time will tell but my suspicion is that at this end of the market LG offers better value for money than Samsung....Samsung really trading in on their stronger brand image but I really dont think they necessarily make a better TV anymore.

One disappointment is that within days of buying it, Amazon dropped £20 off the price with it yet to be delivered....would have been nice if they'd invoice for the new price but hey ho that's business!

Jan 01, 2020

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Amazon Customer Review

I'm not writing about the TV's various things, there are plenty of reviews of picture, sound, etc.) Instead, even if niche, I'm writing about this TV's failure to stream music, wired, from a Windows 10 laptop. Perhaps I'm in a minority, but we're still a big number, who prefer all-wired. Out of the box I could stream video files to the TV from my laptop through Windows Home Network, but nothing, it seems, nothing at all, can get the TV to play music files sent to it from a PC! Even though the video files it will play, come from the same PC and the permissions for both are the same! This is what you get until you look deeply into what's going on, and it's unacceptable, hence my one-star rating. Not being able to stream music, wired, to a Smart TV is a bad basic fault and I will probably send the TV back for it.

I've lost a lot of hours trying to stream music from my PC to this TV since it arrived, even though streaming music and video from a PC to a Smart TV shouldn't be a big ask in 2020. The TV spends up to 4 MINUTES trying and failing to read music sent to it. Failing over and over to read the PC's 'send'. And equally bad, when, after the delay, the TV finally does decide to play the music sent to it, IT WILL ONLY EVER PLAY ONE TRACK! Just the first track sent, and then it somehow puts Windows 10 Media Player into 'pause' mode! So, great, hey? I can only ever play ONE music track, and even that, after a wait of 2 minutes! It is the TV that's at fault, because my PC happily streamed music and video to my previous not-Smart TV, with a WDTV streaming box as an intermediary. Also proof it's the TV's fault is that it WILL play my music, because it will play one track, even though it's only one.

And in the 2 minutes the TV takes before it plays just ONE music track, how annoying - every 20 seconds you get a fast repeating cycle of 3 things. The TV's 'music player' appears (wanting to play), then disappears, then 2 successive failure messages appear: first, "The network is not connected. Please check the connection state" and second, "This function is not available now". And these 3 things just repeat themselves around 10 times before it will finally play just ONE music track. Point of fact, not willing to be beaten, I have found a workaround. What I do with music files, take say, The Beatles as an example, I import all its tracks into Audacity (free Audacity is great for this) and I cut and paste them into one long file of all the tracks. Then with that stored in The Beatles folder, I send that to the TV and so it has no choice but to play all of the tracks, as they're now all in one file. But why the heck should I have to pratt about doing that in order to hear my music? It's time consuming. I'm halfway through doing this to my 300 folders of around 3000 music tracks. And of course, music will take up double the storage space. (Fortunately my 2 huge WD external HDD's don't mind).

The TV's music player is underwhelming and inadequate, hardly worthy of the name. It's a small square, bottom-right of the TV screen, about 3" in diameter, which 'times out' and disappears within a minute or two, before even a single track has played out. At that point it's replaced by an even smaller, even more bland circle, with just a quaver note icon on it, and it has no information at all, no track name or track length, and not even a progress bar! When the TV's 'music player' disappears, a prompt informs you that to bring it back, you must 'press volume on the remote'. Why should I have to do that? I don't WANT to alter the volume. And even when you do press the volume button, oh yes it comes back, but it will always disappear once again in a minute or two! This is VERY, VERY POOR. I WANT TO SEE THE TRACK INFO on the track I sent! Just track name and track length, please!

On a different more general matter, you get NO user manual with the TV. You're told it's online, it isn't. There there's just a tiny amount of just basic stuff. You're told all the info you need is on the TV - NO, some info is, but nowhere close to a manual's worth. You're without the comprehensive instructions a regular user manual would provide, where you can just look up in a table of contents to go to what you need. And how about this. Nowhere is there a single picture or diagram, of the connections panel at the back of the TV. Not on paperwork with the TV, not online, and not on the TV's 'Help' screen. So, with quite a few complex connections to be made with various external devices or boxes of whatever kind, you are forced to try to turn the TV in situ, to see what's there and where, whilst wielding a torch held in your mouth (you need both hands trying not to topple the TV) and you strain to see and read the inputs/outputs from an acute angle! And all because LG don't care to provide you with a picture, with a key, of the connections panel. The TV's screen itself may have some info on WHAT you can connect, but it never shows you WHERE the inputs/outputs are, or what they look like. This is mind boggling nonsense and HOSTILE to any purchaser. (The best thing to do is to take a photo of the connections panel at the back of the TV before you put it in its place).

Finally, more complicated sh** I will try to help with. I did install SmartShare at the PC end, as advised by the TV's onscreen help in advice for streaming. I felt forced to do this, halfway through all this, because the TV was being glitchy, one day responding to the PC's 'send' (for music) command, and the next day not. Personally, I never use app stuff if I can avoid it, I mean - come on, why isn't this c**p already on the TV so you don't need it on your own hardware? Next. TV screen advice says, download/install it in the media folder you want to send. That's head-scratching because I want to send my stuff from my external hard drive. I put SmartShare on there anyway, and here's the thing. It made little difference. (At first). Still glitchy, sometimes working and sometimes not. AHA! WHAT YOU DON'T KNOW, is that later, over a week or two later, SmartShare will install itself properly. Not when you download and get it, but a week or two afterwards!! Isn't that great, hey? Two weeks later is when I saw that on its own, SmartShare had installed a zip file. (In the same place where I put it, the HDD). No doubt this zip file is necessary for it to work, but how are you supposed to know it will happen in ten days?

So in summary, even with SmartShare having now set itself up, I'm still in the same position. The TV will only ever play ONE music track. THIS TV IS NOWHERE NEAR SMART, or (and I'm suspicious about this) manufacturers want it this way. They don't want you streaming YOUR own music collection, they want you subscribing to and paying for, BOUGHT online music streaming. If this is what they're up to, I've defeated them, and it was always going to be that way because I don't want crappy online mp3 music streaming, I want my stuff. It is better I think, and my music folders contain only the tracks I want, and I just want to play those, just the ones I like and have collected, and not stream from the music streaming companies, whole albums as made. (My files do happen to be uncompressed WAV but trust me, that is not what this is all about, them being uncompressed tracks doesn't make any difference a all PC's and TV's deal do Wav in 2020. Tags are few compared with the too numerous crappy mp3 ones ('rating', 'album' etc., but I don't want those anyway).

Dec 17, 2019

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