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Panasonic TV TX-55FX550B 55-Inch 4K UHD Smart TV HDR with Freeview - 2018 TV| 4k Netflix Streaming & Amazon Fire TV Compatible

Brand - Panasonic

Average rating 2.56

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UHD 4K TV - With Ultra High Definition 4K intense colour and sharp detail, experience Panasonic's HDR picture enhancing technology to enjoy your favourite shows and movies like never before. The TV Panasonic TX-55FX550B offers 4x higher resolution than standard HD TVs to bring the most exciting and vibrant scenes to life. MOVIES, SHOWS AND GAMING - The Panasonic TX-55FX550B 4K HDR technology uses Panasonic's picture quality know-how to deliver beautiful and accurate images no matter dark or bright environments, movies, series or games. Thanks to its high standard 4K quality image and undeniably affordable price, this LED TV can act as a main TV or as a side unit in a family home to reduce disputes over the TV remote! SMART TV - Tune in the most popular streaming video services, apps or games in a fantastic 55 inch TV unit from the comfort of your living room - no need to go look anywhere else. With Freeview TV you are granted a great deal of hours worth of entertainment with Freeview Play - find programmes from BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All 4, Demand 5 and UKTV Play alongside other 70 TV channels and 15 HD High Definition channels. Additionally, TX-55X550B's remote features a Netflix TV button for easy access. FEATURES AND CONNECTIVITY - This TV has Wi-Fi connection - allowing you to stream wirelessly. 3 x HDMI ports to connect to any TV device of your choosing. 2 x USB ports to enjoy any popular TV streaming device like Amazon Fire, Apple TV or Chrome TV sticks. SLICK CLASSIC DESIGN - This UHD TV looks great from every angle thanks to its gunmetal metallic finish. Panasonic TX-55FX550B comes with a smart and modern design and a compact body that makes it a great fit for your living room, bedroom or even the kids room. Includes 1 year UK manufacturer warranty from date of purchase

Latest Reviews

Amazon Customer Review

I wanted to send this back a couple of weeks after I got it but had stupidly got rid of the packaging. Because of being busy I didn't find something to do so and now I'm stuck with it. Issues: Turns itself to standby all the time, (standby light flashing and backlight on TV on, but blank screen) then I'm unable to switch it on/off via remote so I have to then turn it off on the wall. Loses channels for now reason always having to reinstall it as it's not possible to do an auto search just to re tune, have to do a complete first time set up - then have to re sign in to Amazon and Netflix. Infuriating. Picture is mediocre as is sound but I accept that at the price. The technical faults I don't accept. It's rubbish. Avoid. And it's not a genuine Panasonic TV it's a Cello with a Panasonic badge.

Jan 12, 2020

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Amazon Customer Review

It's worth noting that I bought this TV for the specific purpose of replacing an LG smart TV which I had bought and quickly returned, twice, due to an inherent problem. I use Plex in my house for Freeview TV, movies, etc. so I made a point of only looking at TVs which are listed on the Plex web site as supporting Plex. the site says that all Panasonic TVs produced after 2014 support Plex... I've had Panasonic TVs in the past so I thought this would be a good experience. alas, I was mistaken.

It does not support Plex.

I thought initially it would just be a simple matter of popping into the TV's built-in app store and downloading it, just like I did on the LG. But no! and this is the most annoying part of this TV... There is, literally, not a single app in the app store that isn't already installed on the TV out of the box. I've never seen anything so pointless in my life.

I actually tried returning the TV because of this, which wouldn't have been an issue, except when I took it to my Hermes drop off point, I was told they won't take it because it's too big. I tried in vain to explain to them that that was stupid since it was Hermes that delivered it in the first place, so I gave up in the end and took it home again.

The picture and sound are pretty good. Netflix, Amazon Prime, iPlayer, etc. all work well (thank God they were already installed), and in my frustration I worked around the lack of Plex with a Raspberry Pi. the one saving grace in this whole mess is that the TV's remote can be used to control the Raspberry Pi via the HDMI port. If it wasn't for this, I think this might have been 1 star.

I'll only keep this TV until I can justify replacing it with one that does include I need/want. I'm not sure what Panasonic have done here, but they've let themselves down in my opinion. I'll certainly be avoiding them in the future.

Nov 07, 2019

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Amazon Customer Review

I am a previous and proud owner of a Hisense TV I bought back in 2014. After 5 years of heavy gaming (Ps4) , YouTube, Netflix and Twitch my Hisense started accumulating dead pixels. On a strict budget I decided to buy this Panasonic. I havent read the reviews for this, only acknowledged its 4 star rating.

This is my second day of using the TV, it was fairly simple to set up although you may need a screw driver at hand to fit the TV into the stand. Performance is great, I am a heavy gamer and I am certainly impressed with the steady frames I get. The different variations of picture modes makes it so everyone can adjust to the perfect picture, I found dynamic mode was better for my eyes than the preset Gaming mode. I have a surround sound set up and it communicates with my speakers without trouble using an AUX cable.

The Netflix, YouTube and App Store features makes the TV fully customisable to the user, its great because I previously had to turn on the Ps4 as well as my TV for my entertainment hub now I just have to turn on the TV!

However, I am disappointed with the quality of the remote, its design and layout are great but the buttons arent responsive, I expect this to happen after years of using the device (my previous Hisense remote worked 100% from beginning to end) not on the second day.

Furthermore, the TV is unresponsive to commands, watching Netflix, YouTube or using any apps really delays the response time from the remote to the TV. Sometimes it freezes, (it's happened once in the last 48 hours) where I've had to turn the TV off and on again. Considering this, I may just continue to use the entertainment hub on my Ps4 to avoid delayed actions and freezing, rendering the features of this TV absent and useless.

Overall in my opinion, if you're buying this TV for Netflix, YouTube and the App store, I'd recommend searching for a better quality smart TV, saving the extra £50 would probably get you a Samsung, LG or other reliable brands. This is definitely a budget Panasonic so don't expect anything more, for me it's great because I am a student and I use my Ps4 for my source of entertainment.

As far as Freeview Television and Amazon Fire, I do not use these features so I cannot give a fair review. However it is also important to note that for a smart TV it doesn't support device mirroring. Although, it is possible to cast on a phone/tablet to Netflix and YouTube.

Overall, 7/10 Rating.

Oct 16, 2019

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Amazon Customer Review

Out of the box I have been very impressed with this tv. I got it on offer from Amazon so I did not pay full price therefore my opinion of price to performance will be skewed.

The picture is great. Viewing angles could be better and you see the difference in the blacks when youre not looking straight on.
4k content is great when streamed from Netflix and Amazon (both of which have inbuilt apps) Blade runner 2049 was especially great.

The speakers are tinny out ofcthe box but if you adjust it to surround sound in the options then it is really pretty good.

All in all a great upgrade and first 4k tv. Obviously its not going to be as good as an OLED tv or something worth a lot more but for what it is. Its great.

Sep 23, 2019

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Amazon Customer Review

When it arrived the box was rain-damaged. Still, I unpacked it and set it up. The backlight was shoddily uneven. After much playing with picture settings the blacks looked charcoal grey at best. The remote felt clunky and it was too easy to press the dedicated Netflix button when scrolling up.

I can't speak for the sound quality as I used my own active speakers.

Three months later the screen started looking like it had been through video effects software so I sent it back.

Panasonic used to make great TVs twenty years back but not now. I would discourage in the strongest terms anyone thinking of buying a Panasonic television. I would give it 0 stars if I could.

Sep 17, 2019

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Amazon Customer Review

Lightweight compared to my previous 49" LG LED, which made it easy to mount on the wall. Input connections laid out fairly well, and accessible when wall mounted (in my instance, no doubt bracket plays a significant part, however, previous LG tv I struggled to access), altough I connected everything prior to mounting. Easy to set up on first power on. Picture quality great after a few changes to set to my personal preference. Sound quality ok, loud enough, but prefer to run through my 4.1 LG sound plate, the volume for which I have to control via it's own remote as the panasonic doesn'r offer any means of controlling, which I did have on some other brands, eg. Sony.Set HDMI ports to enhanced and when Sky Q box is powered on it will power on the TV and select the correct input, likewise my Xbox powers the TV on. Where it falls down significantly, for me, is the lack of apps. The TV comes with a set of preinstalled apps - Netflix, Prime Video, the various channels' iPlayer equivalents, and that's it - there appears to be no online market thath you can obtain other apps from. At first I htough I was doing something wrong, but no, appears to be preinstalled apps only. Even the most basic, unbranded smart TVs that I have encountered before generally have a means of loading new apps of your choice. I would like to be able to run Plex or Emby media players natively on the TV, rather than having to run through my XBox or a Fire Stick, or equivalent, adding yet another remote control to the mix. There is a an inbuilt option to access media streamers, but it is very basic, eg. after tunneling through the various folder structure of my NAS to test one of my 4K movies, it played, but played the secondary audio (director's commentary) and no matter what I tried, couldn't get it to out put the primary channel.

If all you want is a regular TV that gives you access to Netflix, YouTube, etc, it's a great bargain, but for me it's just a cheaper option than buying a 55" monitor and using alternate hardware to via what I have previously always been able to do natively on the TV.

Aug 17, 2019

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