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TCL DP628 50 Inch Smart TV – 4K HDR10 & HLG (Stream Freeview Play/BBC iPlayer/Netflix 4K/YouTube 4K), Work with Alexa, Wi-Fi, 3 x HDMI, 2 x USB Port

Brand - TCL

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Vivid 4K UHD Picture: Featuring HDR10, HGL and Micro Dimming technologies – brightness, colour saturation and contrast are smartly optimised in every frame A smarter TV experience: Enjoy Freeview Play/BBC iPlayer/Netflix 4K/YouTube 4K and more; plus, connect external devices with t-cast (Wi-Fi enabled), HDMI and USB Treat your ears with Dolby sound: Engineered with rich, EQ optimised Dolby sound – for a smarter, better audio experience Seamless home INTEGRATION: Display standing or hang on the wall; a rigorously tested bracket meets industrial standard; note: wall bracket specifications = width 200 mm x height 200 mm Worry-Free Warranty: Comes with a 2-year electrical warranty

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Amazon Customer Review

I bought this TV at a "Black-Friday" price during a special discount week on Amazon. I understand TCL has replaced this model with a different model number but it is the same TV. Though plenty of these 628s are still around. If you nab one for under £300 its worth it.

A note on the TCL brand. I was not disconcerted by this relatively unknown brand in the UK. I frequently travel to the USA in the winter where the TCL TV brand is populous and never had a problem with using them in hotel rooms/rented apartments for longer stays. In fact, as the brand (Chinese in fact) is so big in USA (for past 8 years) that is a plus because it shows their problem finding-customer response handling is probably at a now at swift level, (important as initially Chinese have no idea about such things) esp in USA where people scream the house down if they do not get high service levels. It also means there must be an effective set up for replacement/returns. Currently, TCL are not office based in UK but are using a competent French importer (British staff) who deal with issues/returns. I have no worries on that front.

As for this 628 model TV first to mention, Its not wall-flat thin but as I have it on a stand that's irrelevant to me. The legs seem plastic-y and doubtful but actually they are strong and rubbery feet on them stops accidental slides. Its more solid standing than I expected or would appear in the pic, the TV is a safe enough on the feet on a stand. However, it is a shame it is not a central based stand as turning the TV in a direction (see why this needed below) is more lugubrious than needs be.

Use of the TV interface is a pleasant surprise, easy, bright and all apps work. Wifi pick up & LAN connection seems problem free. There is no Amazon Prime App and reviewers exhale a big gasp at this but I am not sure what the problem is? I get Prime from my smart 2016 blu-ray player which just illustrates that TVs are not the only way to get apps. Plenty of USB sticks to supplement this TV in the market if one wants more apps or even just hook up your laptop to the TV with correct cable and the whole plethora of apps and websites are available, (plus note the quality definition of computer windows on the TV when you connect a laptop is brilliant, I often write emails replies when hook up to the TV whilst watching something).

You do get Netflix which, if I understand right, unlike Prime, Netflix actually streams select films or TV shows, i.e. The Crown, in 4k.

Youtube, including 4k streamed Youtube vids works very well. Though once or twice a freeze problem, tho' unlike with ITV app this sorted itself after 30 seconds or so.

You can cast stuff from an android mobile. I have set up the app and connection with the TV was seamless but have not cast anything yet. Expect that to be more a thing around xmas for me, party/ lunch, filmed excerpts, etc.

The picture in 4k is superb to me ("me" that is an ordinary yet discerning viewer, who knows his gamot colour palette but not a techy, AV master, or quality-radio-ham-type-fanatic - the type who often write the reviews). To me it seems great. However, the viewing angle is limited. If you are far off side you will not be able to make out the picture other than as white-ish blurred shapes. Put it this way in a normal UK lounge setting of sofa and two armchairs one on each side, the armchair views will lose a little a shade of viewing quality but its tolerable. But any further out, like sitting on the arm of the chair and its washed out viewing. Reviews warn of this so I knew what I was getting. Basically, if you are like me (small one bed flat in central London) the picture 4k and HD is great for direct viewing say for 2 people or if slightly off centre still fine. For a large family or a big room, I wouldn't buy it as there wd be continuous fights over seating with direct view.

There is claimed 4k upscaling - tho' I not noticed the effect much,- hard to compare without two TVs side by side- but I'll take TCL's word for it. But remember this is cheap upscaling rather than intelligent upscaling one gets on the high end TVs. So some improvement but don't expect a big leap in quality when playing your old DVDs. (Though, like most folks I'll take what ever under £300 quid gives me for my DVDs / blurays in the direction of 4k. )

I thought the viewing angle issue would be the biggest bug, (though as I say not for small lounges, so no problem for me), but I actually found occasional issues with the processor. Sometimes apps wd freeze and the only way to get out of the freeze wd be to unplug the TV altogether (as the on-off / reset button also freezes) but note this only seemed to happen on the ITV app and once on C5 app, whether that is due to the complex loading of those apps of ads v programme, sorting out feeds, I am not sure.

One other bug, though have not tried to investigate it much. I do not watch live TV channels only watch catchup apps, DVDs, blu ray. However, on first setting up the TV, I did plug in a coaxial cable from the flat's aerial feed just to make sure all channels pop up as normal (checking this on arrival for should I need to sell it later, I want to make sure everything works). However, after doing this on the auto-tune I only got 6 of the 15 available HD channels appear on the freeview listing page. I re-tuned a few times and the same result. My previous HD TV brought up all 15 HD channels available in this central part of London where I live (btw you can check what you should receive on the freeview website, it is 15 HD channels for my postcode, so I know this is the right expectation). I asked TCL on the Q&A part of this amazon page and there was a little exchange on the topic, which moved to email and then just stopped dead. In other words TCL had no answer to this. At this price, it shouldn't be a deal breaker as all the important HD channels were listed, i.e. BBC1 & 2, ITV, C4, C5, CBBC, C4+1 and looked brilliant. I am not sure if this problem was a quirk with my TV or some wider problem with this model. The customer service seems sincere and friendly, and to be fair this cut off might have been a slip, as I never followed it up I am not sure if they would have gone the full length and replaced the TV if I insisted. In the end I actually don't care as I don't watch live TV but people, so I left it hanging. But for people who want say Film4 or even QVC in HD, they might want to check further on this.

Finally, I have watched some sport on this via apps and have not been discomforted by motion blur problems reported in some reviews. To me it seemed fine. You shd note that there is an option (somewhere in the menu lists) to switch to 60 fps as permanent, instead of TV auto switching from 50 fps-60 fps as required so for sports fans that would be worth drilling down to do if the reviewers are right.

After using this TV for 2 months, I'd say for the price I got it for, (well under £300) with smooth internet connections for the most, 4k pic is excellent (that is for a normal yet discerning person's eyes like mine which is probably howmost folks watch - though techy nerds will get into a lather about exactitudes most people would not notice) plus the easy user menu and the best remote control I have ever had, (thin, easy finger movements and long) this TV is well worth the price. The little kinks mentioned in this review are worth running with and one should be reasonable anyway, if you are getting 4k for around £300 which works superbly you can live with small kinks elsewhere, so long as the main viewing picture, HD and 4K is at a high standard as expected for us normal people.

I'd say Its the perfect budget 4K TV for flat dwellers in big cities where lounges are small/average size or couples living together sharing sofas for direct views or if say post-student you want single friends round for show-off 4k sport watching. Its a good buy for £300 mark for a 4k set.

Nov 12, 2019

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Amazon Customer Review

Got this TV to replace my LG 60 plasma. The picture quality is very good but the sound is weak. So much so I will have to buy a sound bar. But considering what I paid for TV I dont mind the extra cost. But a bit disappointed as the sound on my 6 year old LG is still amazing. But there you go. It looks good but the build is a bit flimsy. As the vesa mount holes are right at the bottom of the rear of TV meaning 2/3rds of the TV is not supported when fixed to wall so you get excess movement when cleaning the screen. Regarding the lag that was mentioned in the remote control response I haven't noticed it in this model but it is evident in the 43inch model I have in my caravan. To Finnish I would recommend this TV if you want ultra HD on a lower budget but be prepared to fork out for a sound bar.

Oct 02, 2019

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Amazon Customer Review

This is a great television for the money. I've read all the reviews prior to buying and was a bit put off by the bad reviews of sound quality, imagine quality and the smart features but after having it for a week none of these are reasons to worry.
For the price you get more than you would expect.
First off the worst things. Yes, the sound quality isn't exceptional. It's quite heavy on low tones and sometimes doesn't quite reach higher tones. However, this is only noticeable when comparing it to another device, and after 2 minutes you don't notice it anymore.
The smart features work, but could be improved. The only issues I've had are when using the app store, it can glitch out and you cannot select anything. But coming off the app store and back into it fixes this and takes 20 seconds.
The imagine quality is amazing, but the blacks can be a bit iffy. This is only noticeable over a lighter to darker black gradient and is expected on a device at this price range.
After those few things it is unfaultable! Cannot complain at all, great TV great size and gr at price. Unless you have cash to splash, this is definitely a TV to consider

Sep 27, 2019

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Amazon Customer Review

Cut to the chase, this tv is UNBELIEVABLE value. I know my tv's and had enough of them to compare with to make this review valid, I know what specs to look for and what cons to expect when buying budget TVs. So here's the initial thoughts of this TCL 65” beast..

Obviously to manufacture and sell a 65” 4K tv for under £500 sacrifices will be made corners have to be cut, savings must be made somewhere. TCL have done this well however in areas such as the speakers, design build and software have all been stripped back to the bare minimum, but totally passable. They did not however, hold back on the picture quality. Il go into detail on individual sections below!

1) picture
An excellent picture quality is exactly what you would want when buying a tv. This TCL is just surreal for the price. I'd go as far saying It's better than my 2017 55” Samsung curve I had (last week until it died on me) which cost over 1k at the time. Enough said there I suppose. I was nervous when I bought this TCL, as I also did research and came across this ‘panel lottery' crap that no doubt you've read. I'm either lucky or they are blown out of proportion. Slight discolouration can be seen from viewing at angles when looking at still white or light images, but this is barely noticeable and right on the edges. There's no light bleed, no dirty screen effect they all blab on about, and its more than bright enough for those not wearing sunglasses while watching it. HDR10 is great, it does dim somewhat for games on HDR, a little too much I'd say so I turn it off some some games. The blacks are absolutely on point, not quite as good as the Samsung but hey, half the price and much bigger. There's lots of settings to customise to modify to individual eye, sports, movie, game modes and advance settings also where you can tweak to the finest details. It's super responsive for my gaming with no lag or judder at all.

2) sound

Absolutely fine for everyday television viewing. But for movies or a good sporting atmosphere..absolutely not, but who gives a monkeys really?? Because If your going to have a 65” tv, your going to accompany it with 5.1 surround or a sound bar at least? If not, your crackers. Again, other reviews had me expecting the worse. But the sound is actually more than passable for everyday television viewing.

3) smart software

Simple, easy to use. The menus are quite slow to navigate. It doesn't bother me, once you've done what you needed to do settings wise you won't need to go into it again. The smart menu is nice, big and simple to navigate, I like it. Iv not really gone balls deep enough to really review all the features as this tv is plugged into my sky Q box & PS4. I really have no other use for's a tv lol. I don't think there's much to it though, there is freeview built in, YouTube, Netflix and an App Store for TVs with games, soundcloud, accuweather, all the usual suspects I personally never have bothered with. I have iPhones n laptops for other stuff like that.

4) appearance/design

It's plastic, shiney black finish on the besles. Matt finish on the back. It looks slick to be honest. I was very happy how nice it looks and how thin it is. I assume it's not as nice as the U.S 6 series version which is aluminium surround, but it's certainly nice enough. The screen itself however is an area they have made cuts on, its rather shiny, not a problem for me but I recommend thinking about where you place the tv. Opposite a window will cause reflection issues with natural light when watching darker content. It seems to shrug off light reflections from bulbs, lamps etc quite well though. In all it's a bonnie tv. The remote is ok too. It's long, thin and has short cut buttons for Netflix and freeview. I don't like where the buttons are on it though, the main directional (up down left right) buttons aren't in the best place. There's no brail dash on the central enter button either so you can't just feel for it. Your having to look at the thing every time. It's quite ‘clicky' too.

It's a no brainier. You won't find a better tv from any other manufacturer anywhere worldwide for this price. Infact, probably for a much greater price as well. If I'd have paid £1000 for this tv I'd have been happy still. How any moron can give a 1 star review? They must be in la la land! The only way you can be ‘frustrated' by this tv is if you use it solely as it is without sky, consoles etc. The TVs processor is not good enough for me personally to put up with the speeds should it be my sole use of navigation. It's a fantastic television that needs to run from external devices like sky Q box , virgin, etc.

Sep 25, 2019

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Amazon Customer Review

Great gaming Monitor... Downhill from there.
As most have said the built in software is wretched. Lagging, so that you' re 1 function behind what's happening on screen which is - when you're navigating the basic UI - a pain.

There are claimed features which patently do not work.
Auto format - to get a picture with the correct aspect ratio is a distinctly manual process as you have to press it every time you play a video.
The Sound only mode would be great for listening to radio if the picture didn't pop up after a minute or 2 of black.

Got it online and tried to update it. (Not happening) and if ever a TV needed an update, it's this one.

What it does have going for it is a very clean, sharp image. PS4 Games are superbly detailed. The DVD collection is a touch fuzzy. Viewing angle is fine for me as I'm only ever directly in front of it for gaming or films. HDR is a mixed experience. If it's on on the PS4 I have to turn it off on the TV as the picture becomes a soul swallowing black void. And apart from American Gods Season 1, which looked great, other HDR shot programming has poorly lit actors looking like they need a bath.

Sound is weedy but there's not a lot of room for meaty sound and I had an amp ready.

It's a bit lacking in HDMI inputs, only having 2 HDMI in, so an HDMI switcher will be necessary in most homes without an AV amp. Could also do with a 2nd USB so I could chuck the Amazon Stick in and leave it and I'd still use VGA or DVI if it was there.

As a TV, Tuned it to terrestrial - pretty painless - then reset it. DVBT is a mess, it's missing program data and has some weird UI features so you can't see programme info (Why bother?)

It has a serviceable built in Media Player (But Like I said the Aspect Ratio is a strictly manual affair.) The subs are a lightweight yellow courier type font which is a pain to read, neither good for visually / hearing impaired users.

But here's the thing. £259 (See Netflix Button) 43inches. Decent picture for Gaming / Blu Ray. It's a dog but it's OK as long a you don't ask it to.

As a wallet friendly step up from a 23inch monitor it's great. Would I buy another TCL?

Aug 31, 2019

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Amazon Customer Review

I bought the 65" version as I have xbox one x, sky Q, netflix and prime... So in theory we have access to some great UDH quality stuff.

I had a very limited budget, and I found a review of the 65 on youtube that rated the picture quality very high. Boy that was wrong.

1st quality of build.
Very light tv, far lighter then my old 8 yea r old samsung (which is good). Bad light bleed around all the edges. So when you have a dark image, light is all around the fringe. On white backgrounds, snow etc I notice a wave pattern, light and not so light. This appears to be because the plastic laminate within the screen in buckled and it is very noticable.

On screen interface
Very slow. press the button for the menu and count, sometimes you can get to 2... 2 seconds... Way to slow. The interface doesn;t appear to have enough controls to set the screen correctly.

Image quality.
Wow this was bad. It was like watched standard def images, let alone UHD. I checked that sky was broadcasting in UHD, and it was. Movies were extremely dark, and settings had to be changed for each movie...

Xbox One X, Elite Dangerous looked good, but I had to work the settings to get it there. I changed to BF 1 ( I was really looking forward to this game as it looks stunning in HD) and boy the image was so dull. Again I worked the settings to get a better image, and to be honest I never got as good as my old Samsung HD 50 ". Then when I tried the game the next day, the settings had changed again...

Not good, I am now put off UHD because of this unit, and sent it back. This experience has put me off buying tv's online. If I do buy another I will go to Curry's. But looks like I am not going to change.

Aug 19, 2019

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