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Miele Scout RX2 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Brand - Miele

Average rating 4.33

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Quattro cleaning power- powerful for carpets and hard floors 3D smart navigation- Intelligent navigation: 2 front cameras enable high-precision 3D obejct detection for comprehensive cleaning Mobile control- mobile control and monitoring with the Miele scout RX2 app Corner Brush - clean all over using the swing-out side brushes Long battery life - the powerful battery lasts up to 60 minutes, making it ideal for small to medium sized rooms

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Amazon Customer Review

I can not believe I was hoovering my house, after having this and after a lot!!!! Of research, this is the hoover to go for

Jan 21, 2020

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Amazon Customer Review

It's the best cleaning aid I've ever brought, I have a black Labrador and cream carpets!
I hate hoovering as the hair is so matted in but the Miele scout has made them look like new, I use it everyday as it took a few goes to get on top of it and it gets in all the areas you can t unless you move the furniture.
You do have to keep leads out of the way and keep the floors clear so it can get in every corner but that's obvious. I will never be without one now.

Nov 12, 2019

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Amazon Customer Review

 Mine came with a Euro plug and despite me called Amazon customer service, a Uk adaptor wasn't sent. But much for £650!

Great when it works. Like another reviewer, I think it may be a prototype. The app just does not work. It did pair, but I found I had to keep pairing each time. After deleting, it just will not work now.

Mine has issues returning to its dock. Just keeps driving, trying, backing up and going in circles. Does this intermittently.

Now and again, it gets into a mess and just goes in circles like it's gone demented.

When it works, (manuall) it's great. Gets into corners and vacs powerfully.

So I can't use it with the app. Very polished when it does work, but far too flaky and frustrating for the money.

Miele have agreed to pick up the 3 month Vac, so I'm hoping they can fix or repair the thing and I have a dud.

Oct 08, 2019

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Amazon Customer Review

Feels a bit like a prototype. Not easy to set up and operate. Found it impossible to connect to the internet, I have literally spent hours trying to connect to the Miele App. Also found it difficult to re-charge. It has taken me a couple of months to get to know how to operate it, I now just control it by pressing its buttons to set it off and watch it wizz round for a while before carrying it back to its recharging station. For a robot it seems to need a lot of human intervention.

Sep 16, 2019

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Amazon Customer Review

Personally, I don't need convincing that these little robot cleaners can make life much easier when it comes to household cleaning as I have a Deebot and have already seen that they can do a really good job, their intelligent systems and design allowing them to get into corners, edges and around obstacles easily and effectively. This is an impressive advance in technology as far as I'm concerned. Others might think that it couldn't possibly clean as good as a standard vacuum cleaner, but the Miele Scout RX2 might just convince you.

It's worth just watching the Scout at work when you first get it, for a couple of reasons. It's a marvel to see it in operation, equipped with 2 front cameras that allow it to anticipate and intelligently handle obstacles, plotting a path that ensures near complete coverage of any room or cleaning area. It's also a good idea to just watch it the first few runs to see where it is likely to find obstacles and take measures to ensure that it doesn't run into any problems.

The first thing you probably want to feel confident about if you've gone to the expense of this little item, is that it can handle drops and won't go over the edge of stairs. Obviously, it's pre-programmed to detect such hazards, but you'll want to see it in practice, and while it hovers precariously and nudges at the edge to see how far it can go at the top of a staircase, it does indeed retain its balance and memory of what to avoid.

Wires and leads are an issue that you would do well to avoid, and you should ensure that any trailing cables are tucked out of the way; that includes the cable for the Scout's own base unit as this is likely to be the first obstacle the Scout encounters. One issue I didn't foresee was that the Miele found a few loose carpet threads at a carpet tidy and its powerful wheels and brushes set about unravelling the edge of the carpet and tangling itself up badly. If there are areas you don't want the robot to stray into, there's a magnetic strip provided that you can lay down and the cleaner won't go over them.

Setting up is easy enough, but I found that I couldn't get the robot to charge unless there was plenty of room given to the area around where the base unit is plugged, so you have to consider where you will place this. Tucking it into a corner won't work. The display on the device is easy enough to follow, but you might want to keep the F-number guide handy when an error message is displayed. Usually it will be long hairs or threads clogging up the wheels, and once cleared you need to switch off and on again to remove the error message.

Operation is simple, or at least as simple as you want to make it. You can just press the Go button and it will set off on a zig-zag route that will ensure good coverage of any area open to it. The machine starts out slowly, but can speed up and get around like it has a mind of its own, and in a way it does, matching power to the surface. There are other pre-programmed options for turbo power and a mode that works from a central position outward. You can set programmes and timers if you want it to operate while you are out by downloading the device's App. There's not much you can do if the Scout gets stuck or jammed if you aren't physically present. Personally, I stuck with the remote, and just got on with other things while it did the work.

In terms of effectiveness, the Miele is surprisingly good. The internal dustcan looks quite small, but it proves to be sufficient to hold a complete house clean, particularly if you have it on a regular programme and empty the container every day. You can see from this just how much dust and dirt it manages to pick up. The brushes are powerful and the design brilliant in terms of how they sweep inward rather than just pushing the dust around the room. Cleaning operation is great on carpet and hard surfaces alike. Personally, I think it's a godsend for how it can get in under beds without all the effort this usually involves.

In comparison to other devices of this kind, I've used (and still use) a Deebot. It's cheaper and also does an effective clean, and seems to be a little bit faster. The Miele however is definitely quieter in operation and a little more thorough in cleaning I think. The Deebot however can also do a wet clean, which I find a great feature that works surprisingly well to clean wooden floors, whereas the Miele can only do a dry vacuum clean. Although it is definitely a high-end model, I don't think the Miele Scout does enough to justify the expense over other robot vacuum cleaners, but I guess its value will show in the long run. For cleaning and operational purposes however, this is an impressive and powerful little bot.

Apr 10, 2019

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Amazon Customer Review

So, robot vacuums. They're the future, aren't they? Maybe

I've never had one before this Miele. So I have nothing to compare it to. I'd hoped that I could programme it to do its thing while we're at work or in bed and we'd never have to hoover again. It's not quite that simple.

The product is a foot or so in diameter, and feels reassuringly heavy. It's got Miele's customary build quality, and has brushes on both sides of the device. And it does a pretty good job of picking things up off both carpet and hard floors (we have both). Emptying is easy and, whilst the collection container is obviously small, it holds a surprising amount.

You will need to fix the charging station to something, though. The robot is heavy, the charging station very light, so it just gets pushed around all over the place. Screw it to a skirting board or something and you'll be fine.

I found the app setup very easy, and you can control the robot with either this or the remote control. Most of the time I use the remote - it's easier. However don't rule out the app - if you have it tucked away under a sofa or table, the remote might not reach the robot. The app will.

And it chunters away doing its thing. It's pretty sensible - it won't bump into you, or the cat or kids toys. It struggles with chairs - gets into difficulties there - and can get confused by low units - we have a dresser that stands about 2" clear of the floor. It doesn't know what to make of that. And when the kids leave stuff everywhere (as mine do) then that clearly gets in the way. As does the cat's mat and bowl.

There are metallic strips you can put down to stop it going places, but I haven't bothered.

I don't think this will replace your vacuum cleaner. But it's not at all bad as a quick clean up in between proper vacuums. But is that enough for the thick end of seven hundred quid?

Apr 03, 2019

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