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ASUS RT-AC86U Wi-Fi AC2900 (AI Mesh USB 3.0 Router, AiProtection by Trend Micro, AI Mesh, WTFast Game Accelerator Adaptive QoS, Dual-WAN 3G/4G Support)

Brand - ASUS

Average rating 3.80

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Dual-band AC2900 wireless router with the latest 802.11ac MU-MIMO technology 64bit Dual-Core processor optimizes network traffic and connectivity speeds Designed for lag-free online gaming and flawless 4K UHD streaming

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Amazon Customer Review

I wanted to give this some time with heavy use before writing a review as you can't always tell within the first few days.

To give an idea of our setup, we have BT FTTP, 150mbps coming into the house, 7 children at weekends and a 3 bed semi. The BT home hub wasn't able to cope with the amount of devices (think at least 2 devices per child, plus 2 adults, 3 echos/dots and 6 smart plugs). Anytime something new was connected, the connection dropped off for another device. The internet was slow and pretty unusable evenings and weekends.

One weekend, having switched from WiFi to 4G on my phone yet again just for a Facebook post to load, I decided to see what else was out there. My logic was, the more expensive, the better it must be right? Not this time! We bought a Netgear Nighthawk for more money than this ASUS router and sent it back due to connectivity dropping out, slow speeds etc.

This router has fixed all of the issues (the coverage isn't as good as it could be so we have had to buy an antenna for the PC upstairs) and all of us are able to use the internet together

Feb 01, 2020

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Amazon Customer Review

Had this for nearly a year now, I did have some problems initially setting it up, which I put down to software updates since then has been fine, used with my virgin router. I have multiple wired and WiFi connections and all work fine, and streaming speeds very good. The software let's you set up guest networks, and too be honest is above what I need and my technical knowledge, but for what I use its fine
Main reason for buying a router was that my nest cameras would lose WiFi connection to my virgin router a few times a week, now maybe one - two times a year, but reconnects automatically.

Bought this model for the number of Ethernet ports to connect AV equipment and Hue bridge.

To set it up does take a bit more time / knowledge that I hoped, but once this is done (albeit I nearly sent it back) it does the job just need that initial patience

Oct 14, 2019

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Amazon Customer Review

Bought this router to use in conjunction with my virgin media superhub.
Didnt know it was possible to turn off the router side of the virgin hub until i dug deep on google.
Was having way too many problems with the virgin hub, really poor wifi and cant configure it easily for a large home network.
Installation was nice and simple, with an excellent GUI to work through. Simply put the virgin medu hub into Modem mode and you are away.

I have at least 20 different devices connected to it, and it works flawlessly. No more disconnects or poor bandwith, those days are gone.

Yes, it was a lot of money to replace something that virgin claim is a fantastic router, but if you have lots of devices, it is well worth it.

Oct 01, 2019

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Amazon Customer Review

SUPER SUPER SUPER AMAZING, Te user interface is so smooth and fast compared to virgin media -superub3.0, so easy to connect - it comes wit a UK3 pin power supply and even a EU-2 pin.

Looks good - feels even better - soft and smooth. So fast to connect/install/firmware. Super easy to change router name and password.

Wifi signal is a beast- i ave 2 houses joint as 1 house from my old virgin media superub 3.0 in my bedroom which is 1 storey higher than the router - in my bedroom i was getting 23-50-mbp - but mainly around 33 download and 14 upload. Now since using the asus - same location im now getting 144-180 download and 21 upload. I get the same speed on my laptopn- lenova w520 and my mobile pone Xiaomi mi max 1.

I've had family over and in total 8 devices were being used at same time and no one was getting anything lower than 124download and 18upload.

The dead spots in my property now give me 23-28 download from 8 download .

I installed this myself and didn't go for the expert installation which is an extra cost, which i would not recommend for anyone. This comes with a booklet which easy tells you have to setup.


Sep 29, 2019

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Amazon Customer Review

My experience with ASUS RT-AC88U AC3100, Sep 2019.

I bought this to have better Networking & WiFi at home where I was using a Virgin SuperHub 3 and 100mbps fibre connection. The SH3 gave poor performance, and the widely documented path forward is to put it into Modem mode and buy a real WiFi Router.

Started off very well. The AC88U was easy to install in a bedroom wardrobe and setup, very flexible. We got good speeds (70mbps downstairs, 105mbs upstairs) and great coverage from the WiFi, enabling me to abandon my Powerline adaptors and local WiFi hotspots completely. Everyone happy. No more suggish network, dropouts, intermittent freezes, bad coverage areas.

Then I noticed the Client List was always incomplete and reported all devices on Ethernet when most were WiFi 2.4 or 5 GHz. Checked the firmware which was up to date.

Started bringing on the AiProtection and other security features and it all went to Hell in a handbasket. Now a Reboot from GUI took up to 30 mins. Power off / on sometimes better. Many retries, loops, lights on / off same pattern. Eventually sorted itself out overnight.
However, in the morning:

- Small change to address range of DHCP Pool caused 9 restart attempts.
- Drops Clients that were working fine.
- No internet, even if WiFi connects.
- Ethernet accesses Internet but WiFi not.
- Client list still incomplete, interface incorrectly still shown all on Ethernet.
- I Reset to Factory 3 times.
- Clients entered valid p/w to WiFi and were rejected - iPad, Mac, Epson printer, Windows 10 PC.
- Some clients can never connect over WiFi - Raspberry Pi, IBM T61 on Ubuntu, MacBook Pro.
- Got new "Signature" and kept previous / latest Firmware.
- Speed usually excellent but can drop to crawl, even when local to Router, i.e. 0.2mbps.
- Worked really well on devices that can connect, for a while, then drops out, restarts on its own.

Tried Power off reset with clear nvram (Power + WPS button). Didn't Reboot fully 2hrs.
Tried full reset (Reset button). Didn't Reboot fully after 2hrs.

Router became really flakey, something was corrupt or intermittent.
I spent a full day wrestling with this new, but progressively dysfunctional router, gave up and sent it back.

Sep 06, 2019

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Amazon Customer Review

Been using it for almost a year now and absolutely no issues arised ever since, I am using Asus-wrt Merlin as the firmware to optimize additional settings but the default is just as good had no issues with that either. The AI Protection is kind of an extra that I never used and had it turned off in the first place, most points in the functions are simply managed if you know what to and what not to enable, UPNP, pptp 2 etc. Setup is really simple just factory reset out of the box before use and set up everything afterwards and boom had it up and running in I would say less than 5minutes. The one I use is in the main hall and is roughly around 70C after days of running, bare in mind the area is not ventillated only when I open the door to leave. This supports channels 100 to 140 for 5ghz with 20/40/80 channel width really useful in crowded areas where many accesspoints fight for signal. Over cable the ports support up to 1gbps, with a 300mbps ISP line it works perfectly, will test with new 1gbps line in the future. Overall a great piece of equipment and would definitely recommend the extras are not a big deal but the hardware is great and its blazing fast.
Tests Passed:
- Router Crash Test - Survived All rounds
- UPnP exposure Test - No Response
- All Service Port Test - Stealth All

Jul 23, 2019

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